Client Testimonials

"In 2007 I called upon OPNS to assist my parents with medication management and other services at home. When my father passed away several months ago, I asked OPNS to expand the scope of my mother's care to ensure that she could remain comfortably at home. I have found the OPNS staff to be competent, flexible, responsive, and caring, and I highly recommend OPNS to anyone who needs home healthcare."

— Tim Cassidy, Hampton Falls, NH

"When my father unexpectedly needed overnight care, O'Connell's was right there—after an afternoon phone call, he had an aide that same evening. Ever since, the RN overseeing the case, Laura, has been extremely attentive, phoning regularly to pass along information from the aides and plan ongoing scheduling. At the same time, Dad is benefiting from utterly capable, reliable, and personable assistance from the wonderful aides O'Connell's has provided. Everyone at O'Connell's has offered outstanding service that's helped our family through a difficult time."

— Pamela White, Whately, MA

"Im so happy to have Karyln as my friend and helper. She is my first Home Health Aide and this has been the best experience ever. Karlyn takes very good care of me; bathing, cooking, and anything else I need. She is so ready and willing to help. I consider her more than an aide, she is like one of my family. She never complains and is always ready to assist me in any way. The world needs more Karlyns."

— Pauline Shumway, Springfield, MA