Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about receiving our services, such as when and how to obtain them, our staffing process, or payment options for our services, you can find answers to the most common questions here. You can also contact us directly 24/7.

Does O'Connell require a minimum amount of service?

Our required minimum amount of service is only two hours per day. Care can be provided from one to seven days per week, depending on the client's specific needs.

What steps are involved in implementing services?

The process is very easy. For services, simply call 1-877-533-1030 or 413-533-1030. After answering any of your initial questions, our director of private care (a registered nurse, will complete a comprehensive, in-person assessment, which takes into consideration the individual's health and living environment. At this point, a care plan is developed in conjunction with the patient, family, and the patient's primary care physician, and is tailored to meet the client's specific needs. Because no two clients are alike, we are careful to select our caregivers based on the personality and needs of the client. An RN will supervise care.

How far in advance should I contact O'Connell to request services?

O'Connell strives to address all service requests as they are arise, from the same day to several weeks in advance. However, it is helpful if we are given at least 24-hours’ notice of the time the service is needed.

Does O'Connell require a deposit for services?

We only require a deposit for services in cases where the amount of necessary care exceeds 40 hours a week. At that point, a deposit of two weeks of service applies.

Is O'Connell insured and bonded?

O'Connell is an insured and bonded home care agency. The benefits to our clients and staff include:

  • Providing professional liability insurance, worker's comp, and unemployment
  • Very thorough pre-employment screenings
  • Continuous supervision of all cases; if there is a change in the status of a client, or there is a change in staffing, we are aware of it immediately and make adjustments promptly. If a good match is not made between the client and aide, we do not leave the client without coverage; there is always someone to fill in.

What kind of screening process does O'Connell use in hiring their home health aide?

Before joining the O'Connell team, all candidates undergo a thorough screening process that includes:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Professional reference checks
  • Proof of address, valid driver's license, and proof of car insurance
  • I-9 verification
  • Certificate verification
  • Interview, skills assessment, and entry-level tests
  • Employee health check, including a pre-employment physical complete with immunization update, drug screening, and TB test

In addition to passing the above criteria, the candidate must complete our orientation and training program.

If I need to get in touch with someone at O'Connell over the weekend, on a holiday, or during the night, will someone be available to help me?

Yes. At O'Connell we do not use an answering service—we have staff members who are on call during non-office hours to assist you with any urgent service issues, so you and your family can have peace of mind 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What towns does O'Connell service?

We service all of Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.