Geriatric Care Management

Helping seniors age in the best place possible—home

A lot goes into taking care of our aging loved ones. Families can feel overwhelmed; too far away or too busy to provide the care that’s needed. Still, the desire to live out one’s remaining years at home is powerful, especially when a move is perceived as a loss of dignity.

For the family of someone who has chosen to age in place, O’Connell Geriatric Care Management can be a second set of hands. We can be there from time to time or we can step in and play a major role.

We are dedicated to decreasing family stress and increasing our clients’ quality of life and acting as their advocates to ensure their wishes are being respected.

What we are and what we do

Guide. Advocate. Coordinator.

Geriatric care managers play a variety of roles. They typically have prior training in nursing, social work, gerontology, or other health service areas, and basic knowledge of family dynamics, psychology, and human development.

At O’Connell Care at Home, the goal of our professional geriatric care managers is to help individuals, families and other caregivers adjust to and cope with the challenges of aging or disability.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Conducting an assessment of the client’s and family’s needs, problems, and eligibility for services
  • Developing a plan based on those needs and seeing that it is implemented
  • Screening, arranging for, and monitoring in-home help
  • Coordinating other care services, including elder care, companion care, custodial care or respite care, and home health aides
  • Acting as a liaison with families who live at a distance, reassuring them that things are going well and alerting them to any problems or changes in their loved one’s condition
  • Assisting with management of doctors’ appointments and medications
  • Providing a continuum of care to seniors and others living with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia
  • Reviewing financial, legal, or medical issues
  • Offering counseling and support and, when necessary, crisis intervention.

If you have a loved one living far from you…

If your work and life circumstances prevent you from being a full-time caregiver…

If you want the peace of mind of knowing a loved one is not alone…

Call O’Connell Care at Home. We provide professional, compassionate in-home Geriatric Care Management to at-home clients in Hampden County, Hampshire County, and Franklin County, including the towns of Holyoke, Easthampton, Northampton, South Hadley, Agawam, Wilbraham, and Springfield.

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Elder Services

Help with everyday activities in and outside of the home are only the beginning. Coordinating visits and appointments, aiding mobility, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, watching for changes in health, even reading to our senior client, all fall within the scope of our comprehensive services.


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