Home Health Care

Our companions help with everyday tasks and become trusted friends. They cannot, however, provide any kind of hands-on care. For support requiring a physical component such as bathing or dressing, our home care aides (HCAs) provide much-needed help.

O’Connell home care aides are trained and experienced in caring for people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, and who prefer to remain at home instead of disrupting the lives they’ve always known with a move to a care facility.

Our HCAs can perform health-related tasks and some basic medical services, all under the supervision of a nurse or physician. This may include:

  • Checking vital signs, such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure and respiration rate
  • Ensuring the client is free from infections and bed sores
  • Helping with simple prescribed exercises
  • Making sure dietary requirements are followed and the client is receiving proper nutrition
  • Monitoring the client’s physical and cognitive functioning and reporting symptoms that may signal a change to the supervising RN
  • Assistance in the use of walkers and equipment relating to personal hygiene
  • Reminding clients to take prescribed medication at scheduled times