Companion Care at Home

Support, companionship, and safety

As much as family members would like to care for their loved ones as they age, there are times they need support. It’s too easy for 24/7 care to take its toll on relationships when a family member is attempting to juggle their own work and home situation with care of an elderly or homebound relative.

O’Connell’s companion care offers a sense of security, a connection to the outside world, and friendship to people aging in place. When someone is needed to help with errands, offer a reminder when it’s time to take medications, prepare lunch or play a hand of cards, our companions are pleasant, caring individuals who come into clients’ homes as helpers and quickly become part of the family.

It’s about dignity.

A recent survey by the AARP found that most people would prefer to live out their lives at home instead of being moved to a nursing home. They see this kind of uprooting as a loss of control and independence.

Baby Boomers are aging in record numbers. They, more than the generations that preceded them, are concerned with remaining active as long as possible. As they become senior citizens, that desire for independent living stays strong, even as the body weakens.

Companion care can make staying at home possible and comfortable. Our companions can provide most any non-medical help you can think of, including:

  • Planning, shopping and preparing meals
  • Assist in home safety for client—well-lit space and free of obstacles in the client’s way
  • Light housekeeping and doing laundry
  • Reminding clients to take medications and follow through on instructions from doctors or therapists
  • Running errands—trips to the pharmacy to pick up medications and to the library, bank, post office, and stores
  • Escorting clients to community activities, senior centers, favorite coffee shops and restaurants, visits to friends and relatives, appointments, and social events
  • Or they can just sit quietly, looking through pictures and encouraging their clients to share stories of their lives.

Sometimes, just having a friendly face show up on a regular basis can be enough. We’ve seen the happiness in clients’ faces when one of our companions walks into their home. And we’ve felt the relief of family members who want what’s best for their loved one: dignity, camaraderie, safety, and comfort at home.

If you or someone you love needs assistance with the activities of everyday life—or someone whose life would be enriched by having dependable company—contact O’Connell Care at Home. We service Hampden County, Hampshire County, and Franklin County, including the towns of Holyoke, Easthampton, Northampton, South Hadley, Agawam, Wilbraham, and Springfield.

homecare aide talking with elderly woman

Elder Care

Seniors who prefer to remain in the familiar home setting will have a respectful, compassionate caregiver to provide companionship, help with daily tasks, and to maintain a safe home environment. It is a priority at O’Connell Care at Home to match our clients with caregivers who are suited to meet your individual needs.


caregiver serving elderly woman food

Respite Care

If you are caring for someone at home, there are times when you must have help. Whether it be a few hours or a few days, we are here for you. Respite care can be instrumental in your efforts to maintain balance in your life and can help elders avoid the disruption of a move to a care facility while you are absent for a significant period of time. Our in-home respite care provides the physical and emotional support that keeps the client connected to life.


caregiver with african american man in wheelchair

Custodial Care

Custodial care offers the great peace-of-mind of having assistance with all non-medical needs. This includes help with daily tasks, companionship, transportation, and personal care that does not require medical supervision. Care is provided by a home health aide or CNA level staff member.