Custodial Care

Meeting our clients’ daily non-medical needs

Think of all the things you do in a regular 24-hour day: get out of bed, use the bathroom, take a shower, shave, do your hair, get dressed, run errands, shop for food, prepare meals, vacuum, dust, do laundry, fold clothes, put away dishes, reach for things on shelves, and more.

Now imagine trying to do these things with a body that is growing frail. With chronic aches and pains. Imagine your mobility is limited to the point where even getting out of a chair is difficult.

Imagine you are lonely.

Many of us have a family member who is already there, yet determined to remain at home instead of going into any kind of resident facility. It’s for that individual and their family that we provide a caring, compassionate in-home support system.

Custodial care is essentially the same as O’Connell Care at Home’s Companion Care and Home Care—compassionate support for and assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL).

Assistance with daily tasks

Where skilled nurses and other trained in-home healthcare providers are responsible for carrying out doctors’ orders, including administering and adjusting medications, O’Connell’s home aides administer personal care that doesn’t require medical supervision.

This assistance is provided by a CNA or home health aide level staff. For help meeting you or your loved one’s medical needs, please contact O’Connell Care at Home for information about our trained and licensed Home Health Care providers.

Help at home can be maintenance care provided to a client after an acute medical issue has been resolved. It can be necessary for an individual who has reached the limit of his or her physical capabilities. And it can be vital support for families with a loved one whose mental capacity is impaired.

O’Connell’s custodial care consists of meeting the personal needs of clients in Western Mass, including assistance with arranging transportation and getting going, getting around, and getting on with life.

Less physical but no less important, custodial care is companionship. Mental stimulation. A friendly face who comes when expected and gives their complete attention.

Our caregivers help family members feel confident that there is someone there with their loved one when they can’t be there themselves. And they help soothe the concerns of an elderly relative who is worried about being a burden on the family.

To find the right match for your individual needs, contact O’Connell Care at Home. We are located in Springfield and serve individuals and families in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties, including the towns of Holyoke, Easthampton, Northampton, South Hadley, Agawam, and Wilbraham.

caregiver helping elderly woman stand

Home Health Aide

HHAs are among our compassionate caregivers who are qualified to assist patients who need help to get up; they can perform health-related tasks and some basic medical services, all under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

O’Connell HHA’s are trained and experienced in caring for people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, and who prefer to age in place and remain at home.


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Companion Care

When “hands on” or physical assistance is more than you need, companion care may be the right fit. Our companions are caring, dependable helpers who offer a sense of security; a friendly face to help with such activities as light housekeeping, appointments, social visits, and meal preparation can make staying at home possible and comfortable.


homecare aide talking with elderly woman

Elder Care

Seniors who prefer to remain in the familiar home setting will have a respectful, compassionate caregiver to provide companionship, help with daily tasks and to maintain a safe home environment. It is a priority at O’Connell Care at Home to match our clients with caregivers who are suited to meet your individual needs.