Respite Care from O’Connell Care at Home

Because sometimes even the most loving families need someone else to shoulder the load

As much as families would like to care for their loved ones at home, there are times it just isn’t possible. O’Connell Care at Home’s respite services ease the stress of caring for a relative who is aging or healing at home, and give family members the peace of mind that comes from knowing their loved one is not alone.

Much like the exhaustion that can come with caring for an infant, there can be extreme stress in trying to tend to an aging parent or grandparent all day and all night. Respite has been shown to help sustain the health of family caregivers and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect. It can help keep marriages from being strained and children from feeling overlooked.

Most importantly, respite can allow elders to age in place, instead of having their lives disrupted at a very vulnerable time by a move to a care facility.

Someone being taken care of at home can feel isolated from the outside world or, worse, like a burden. O’Connell’s in-home respite care provides the physical and emotional support that keeps the client connected to life. It gives him or her dignity and a sense of independence that life in a nursing home or other long-term institutional facility can rob them of.

Our respite caregivers get to know the client as the individual he or she is. We get to know their routine, what they like, the things they like to do, and their life stories. We may help them with grooming or meals, remind them to take their medication, and give them the assistance they need to get around without injuring themselves. We offer them friendship, guidance, and advocacy, and ensure their safety.

Respite care can be short-term or ongoing; whatever your particular family situation and schedule calls for.

If you are caring for someone at home, please don’t wait until you are completely burned out: Call O’Connell Care at Home right away. We will listen to your situation, assess your needs, and match you with a caring, compassionate caregiver.

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Custodial Care

Custodial care offers the great peace-of-mind of having assistance with all non-medical needs. This includes help with daily tasks, companionship, transportation, and personal care that does not require medical supervision. Care is provided by a home health aide or CNA level staff member.


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Home Health Aide

HHAs are among our compassionate caregivers who are qualified to assist patients who need help to get up; they can perform health-related tasks and some basic medical services, all under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

O’Connell HHA’s are trained and experienced in caring for people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired, and who prefer to age in place and remain at home.


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Companion Care

When “hands on” or physical assistance is more than you need, companion care may be the right fit. Our companions are caring, dependable helpers who offer a sense of security; a friendly face to help with such activities as light housekeeping, appointments, social visits, and meal preparation can make staying at home possible and comfortable.