The O'Connell Story

Fran O’Connell received his earliest lessons on the meaning and importance of home, family, individuality and life when he was a boy. Watching the unconditional care and love provided to family members, Fran quickly recognized the emotional significance of treating people as unique, special individuals—because that's who we all are.

For Fran O'Connell, those experiences did more than shape the man he is—they've shaped his philosophy toward elder care and a business devoted to providing it.

He took his lessons with him and seeing an opportunity to enrich the lives of those in need, Fran founded O'Connell Care at Home in 1987. He wanted to recreate what he had discovered in his youth—the kind of personalized care that tends to the needs of the mind and spirit as much as to the needs of the body, restoring the individual to the life they love.

Professional Associations

Actively involved in community and industry associations, O'Connell Care at Home is a member of:

We also possess a Department of Public Health Temporary Nursing Service Agency Certificate of Registration.